Saturday, March 17, 2007

Glacier Water

I am continuing to feature images I have made from my archives , I made this image of a stream that I crossed while on my hike to Perley Rock in September of 1990. The composition is pretty straight forward, taken with a medium wide angle lens on 4 x 5 view camera. When I was looking at the scene, I felt that the image really worked on the contrast levels, I had envisioned the image to be darkened down, the gully and the mountain in the background almost blck, and the stream highlighted almost white as if flowing out of the centre of the mountain. Originally when I printed this in the darkroom I held back the stream with a dodging tool, my fingers and it made for a very nice print, scanning it digitally and using Photoshop allows me a closer rendering of my original vision.


Jakub said...

The photo is not loading.

Gary Nylander said...


I'm not sure why it was not loading, I uploaded it once more , it seems to work, thanks for the tip.