Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Winter In My Backyard

I woke up this past Saturday morning and found 6 inches of fresh beautiful powder snow outside my home, it was the kind of morning where it was clear and sunny, hardly a breath of wind and only about -2C in fact almost spring like, I wanted to make some landscape pictures of the snow, but the ring temperatures were against me as for driving and searching out a location anywhere, so as I was pondering what to do I was looking out my kitchen window onto my backyard and realized that I didn't have far to go. I set up the camera on the back deck of my home and for about an hour made several exposures of the snow laden trees, it was as if I was way out in the boonies somewhere. The snow really transformed the scene into something that was quite magical, but as mentioned it did not last for long with the warm sun melting the snow. The bright sun also helped me with the lighting, snow can be difficult to photograph especially in flat lighting, but the cloudless blue sky and sun helped create a great tonal range for my black and white image. The image was made with a 5 x 7 view camera and a 270mm lens.

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