Monday, January 22, 2007

The Altered Landscape

While visiting Vancouver Island over the Christmas holidays I had the opportunity to photograph some of the damage caused by the wind, mostly a lot of trees down. It has been reported in the media that on the famous Westcoast Trail that there are as many as 2000 trees down. Everywhere that I looked there was evidence of just how destructive nature can be. I have a brother and his family who lives in Sooke and he had dozens of trees that came down on his property including one that crashed into their house, luckily causing only minor damage. As a photographer looking at this damage its hard to show in the scope of a single image just how nature has altered the landscape, its truly amazing that there was not more property damage and it will be interesting to photograph and observe the forests in the years ahead to see how nature takes it course as these downed trees become nurse logs.

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