Friday, December 22, 2006

Bridge Over Calm Waters

At this time of the year when everyone is busy hustling and bustling to and fro trying to get everything done before the big day I try to take some time out to get out and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, sometimes its just a snow shoe walk on a trail not far from my home or a visit to the edge of Okanagan lake, remarkably the parks and trails are usually devoid of people. The photograph posted, made with my 4 x 5 view camera and a 120mm lens, is from Noyse lake on the Kludahk trail back in October of this year, I enjoyed a fine day of hiking with family members with brilliant blue skies and the lingering warmth of a summer sun. There is a mood of tranquility and peacefulness that I tried to capture in the photographs I made of the jewel like lake on that day and that I can later reflect upon.


George Barr said...

Lovely image Gary, would be a good image for psychologists to use with their tense patients.

Gary Nylander said...

Thanks, George...... great idea , I could make up a series of images for psychologists to use !