Monday, July 31, 2006

Not Far From My Home

I am surrounded by some incredibly beautiful scenery where I live in the Okanagan Valley and I feel very fortunate to live here not to mention that being a landscape photographer I think I am in heaven. One area that I have been exploring lately is Pincushion Ridge, a hiking area near Peachland , about a 15 minute drive from my home, this area has characterized Ponderosa Pine trees and a wonderful sweeping view of Okanagan Lake as it makes it's bend at about the half way point of the 111 km ( 69 mi ) long lake. I love just meandering through the woods with my camera taking in the fine scenery and making images like this one of a Ponderosa Pine tree.


rdx said...

Guess Black White is the order it??
try some colours dude i like your website
do check out my blog

rdx said...

Gary Nylander said...

Hey rdx,

I love to shoot black and white, I do shoot a fair amount of color everyday in my job as a photographer for the Kelowna Courier newspaper.