Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Memorable View

I made this personally memorable view of Okanagan Lake near Peachland, B.C. in January of 1987 with a 4 x 5 view camera and a 120 mm lens and Tri-X film. On the day that I made the picture I was out for a drive and was heading south down Drought Hill on Highway 97 and saw this beautiful light playing out over the expanse of the lake, I pulled my vehicle over to the side of the road, hiked down a side road and found a spot to set up the camera, I think I only made a couple of exposures before the light disappeared, but I felt I had captured a wonderful image which gave me confidence in using the view camera.

I bought the 4 x 5 camera in 1986 and I had not used anything bigger than 35mm film format, I was not having a lot of success. I was at the point where I thought I might give up on it, given the fact that everything was so different from using the smaller 35mm format. With perseverance I over came the difficulties and have come to love using the large format camera.

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