Sunday, May 28, 2006

Approaching Storm, Sombrio Beach

I made this image of Sombrio Beach which is part of B.C. Park's, Juan de Fuca Marine Trail on the southern part of Vancouver Island in October of 2004. I spent the better part of the afternoon exploring the beach which I have done on many occasions in the past but always seem to find something new and interesting to photograph. The day started out sunny and clear but by the end of the afternoon storm clouds started to gather and the clouds slowly obscured the sun leaving a bright band of light along the horizon, with the rain starting to come down, I set up my 8 x 10 view camera and composed with the rain soaked beach rocks in the foreground and made the exposure before it started to rain too hard, as I was down to my last sheet of film.


Anonymous said...

I lived at Sombrio in 1990. That picture seems so familiar, I might have taken it, but you did, and did it better. I like that the rocks, which one who has walked on them cannot forget, are part of Sombrio. Thank you for generous sharing of a memory. Eunice Tempest

Gary Nylander said...

Hi Eunice,

Thank you for posting !, I remember from years ago that there was Sombrio community of people that lived there, it must have been a very interesting life.